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Our commitment to you

Jansen Car Rental provides vehicles for the leisure and business traveler. We are committed to provide quality service and value. Our vehicles are serviced and maintained in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations.


At Jansen Car Rental you can make a reservation:

• By using our online reservation system

• By telephone

• By e-mail


The rates are seasonal. This also applies for the minimum required rental days.

• During the low season you are required to rent a vehicle for a minimum of 3 days
• During the high season (1 December – 28 February) you are required to rent a vehicle for a minimum of 4 days

Payments can be made with cash, debit or credit card.


A deposit of USD 430 is required. The deposit has to be paid in cash or by credit card.

When returning the vehicle, we will return you the deposit amount. If we have noted damages on the vehicle, you can lose up to USD 430.

In the following cases, you will be held fully responsible for damages inflicted:

• Drinking and driving
• Parking your vehicle with valuable items in it
• Speeding
• Losing your keys

For an amount of USD 10 per day you can reduce the security deposit amount to USD 275.

Dissolution of the rental agreement

Jansen Car Rental is entitled to terminate the rental agreement without giving notice or prove of default and without any intervention of the court. Jansen Car Rental is entitled to reclaim the vehicle if the Renter fails to fulfill one or more of his obligations with respect to the rental agreement. The right to terminate the agreement also applies in case of Renter’s death, in case the Renter has been placed under custody, in case the Renter requests suspension of payment, and if the Renter has been declared bankrupt.

Jansen Car Rental is also entitled to terminate the rental agreement if the Renter moves abroad or in case Jansen Car Rental becomes aware of circumstances during the rental period which are of such a nature that Jansen Car Rental would not have concluded the rental agreement if he had known about it.

Registration data of the Renter

Personal data of the rental agreement will be registered in Jansen Car Rental’s administration. This registration will enable Jansen Car Rental to make the Renter special offers. The Renter can object to Jansen Car Rental using their personal data for direct mailings.


In order to rent a vehicle, the driver must be at least 23 years of age and in a possession of a valid driver’s license. The same conditions apply to an additional driver, if applicable.

The driver and additional driver as stated on the rental agreement are the only authorized drivers.

Costs while using the vehicle

The Renter is fully responsible during the rental period for costs such as cleaning, parking, lost keys and the costs of fuel.

The rental vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel as it was received. If this amount is less, you will be charged the difference at a rate of USD 14 for every quart tank (excl. OB). The amount charges for fuel will not be refunded.

If the rental vehicle is returned dirty an amount of USD 14 will be charged.

Lost keys and/or damaged remote controls will be charged an amount of USD 145.

Smoking in the vehicle is not allowed. Failure to comply will result in a fee of USD 100.


A fee may be charged when cancelling a reservation.

You have up to 1 week to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund. If you cancel your reservation in less than 1 week prior to your rental date a fee of 25% will be charged.

During the high season (1 Dec – 28 Febr) you will have to cancel your reservation 2 weeks prior to your rental date in order to receive a full refund. If you cancel your reservation in less than:
• 2 weeks prior to your rental period, a fee of 25% will be charged
• 1 week prior to your rental period, a fee of 50% will be charged.

You can however modify your reservation without any additional charges by telephone or e-mail. Any changes are subject to availability and will be reconfirmed.

Fines and measures imposed by the government

The Renter agrees to pay any fines or financial consequences of measures imposed by the government with respect to using the vehicle; unless such costs are related to a defect which was already present at the point the rental agreement was signed.

In the event of administrative, civil or criminal seizure of the vehicle, the Renter must continue to perform the obligations of the rental agreement, including those of paying the rental fee, until the moment at which the vehicle is once more in the possession of Jansen Car Rental.

Duration of a rental

The rental vehicle has to be returned to the location mentioned in the rental agreement, on the day and time stated on the rental agreement or before, unless the rental agreement has been extended in advance. If the rental vehicle is returned after the submission date and time, additional costs will be charged. For each additional hour the rental vehicle has not been returned, a balance of USD 6 will be charged. After 4 hours, the daily rental rate will be charged. Rental costs in case of an earlier return of the rental vehicle are not refundable.

Your feedback

Please tell us where we are going wrong or right by contacting us through our website, by phone or by e-mail.

Remember to bring the following documents when picking up the rental vehicle:

• The payment confirmation which you have received earlier by e-mail (if applicable);
• The driver’s license of the main and additional driver.

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